The Auroville School of Aikido

Budokan is a Japanese word for "House of Martial Arts".

Our Dojo is located in Auroville (India). It is an Aikido Dojo and it has found its place in Dehashakti, the sports' grounds of Auroville, close to Dana.

You will find on this Web Site all the informations about our practice, the place and schedules, the history of Aikido in Auroville and the direction of our practice.

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Aikido in Auroville

The art of Aïkido has been introduced in Auroville in the very early years. Today Cristo (C. Mabilat),  Surya (C. Rimaux) and N. Murugan, long time students of Serge Brelin, are responsible of the Auroville Budokan under the guidance of André Palméri (6th Dan). A student of Tamura Nobuyoshi, André Palméri, comes regularly since 2010 for a yearly seminar in Auroville and we, his Aurovilian students are welcome to practice with him and his Uchi Deshi and students in his Dojo in Marseille, France (website: These workshops/seminars help us not only to enrich our practice, but also to have ours and our students’ progress assessed.

Presently, a dedicated group of over 60 children, adults and teen-agers of all nationalities study Aïkido in Auroville. Classes are taking place in the Budokan Dojo. We welcome visitors (beginners and of all levels) to attend our classes according to the schedule. We are happy to say that a good number of our adult students are from the local region, and that among them, Murugan, who began Aikido with Serge Brelin in the 90’s, has been given the technical responsibility of the adults classes.

Auroville Budokan

Our project is being supported by the Sri Aurobindo International Institute of Educational Research (SAIIER).
The Auroville Budokan is a place dedicated to the spirit of Aikido.